5 Simple Statements About funniest comebacks Explained

Again right before Tiger Woods' personal life crumbled right into a national disaster, he had the luxurious of becoming sarcastic and just a little bit cocky when he performed press conferences. Now, for the most part, he needs to get it a bit less complicated and Engage in the PR game.

Dumbass My ass smells like cherry coke over a sundernesday due to time I drove my donkey to work on a twinkie airplane... I just claimed mommy inside the bath tub with batman

I debated sharing this letter I wrote soon after remaining told I "struggle" with faith. I indicate... Do I wrestle? Or is my definition of religion just a bit unique?

Men and women say that you will be the best fool. I say that you'll be not excellent, but you are doing alright.

Since We've your focus, get our awesomely amusing app from Apple Application Keep free of charge. Get it as it's a lot quicker compared to the dude who's running to pee.

What is the difference between your girlfriend and a walrus? 1 has a moustache and smells of fish and the opposite is a walrus.

Roy handily won the battle, even though, obtaining the decisive previous phrase using this: "I am unable to hear what Jeremy states, simply because I've received my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears."

My favored insult for debate. Especially for a certain ass cap on my crew who just loves remaining a ache in my neck. Whoever thought of this comment justifies to become a billionaire.

You were being so unpleasant when you ended up born the doctor instructed your Mother what a treasure along with your mom mentioned yeah lets bury it

If another person calls you mental or retarded (or anything very similar) just say, it’s not my fault I have the phobia to wherever I get afraid of ugliness.

Sometimes, essentially the most sudden men come out with the here type of a single-liners that make us cackle, and those are truly the most beneficial of all of them.

I have always puzzled why individuals bang their heads versus brick walls….. then I achieved you. Don’t bother leaving a information.

Enter the age of digital advertising, and Keds observed a revival within the mid-2000's by permitting end users customize their footwear. Keds also collaborated with Taylor Swift, who released her individual line of the footwear in Oct 2012.

But other presidents lacked the timing and supply of President Obama. At the very least that’s my impression, And that i’m sticking to it. Here are several examples to prove my point:

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